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The purpose of the Angel Fire Community Foundation is to be a vehicle for people to make charitable giving that will benefit our community.

On July 1, 1986, the Village of Angel Fire became the 99th incorporated town in New Mexico. However, nearly a decade prior to that, a group of future-minded people came together in order to address the health and safety needs of our growing community. With the approval of the Angel Fire Homeowners, Inc. board of directors, the Angel Fire-Southern Moreno Valley Community Corporation was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation on 

March 30, 1978.

The purpose of the Moreno Valley's first and only charitable organization was to address the social and infrastructural needs of our community by (1) holding in trust financial gifts and capital assets on behalf of affiliate organizations, and (2) making financial distributions to organization qualified as tax-exempt.

The original board of directors (consisting of James Butts, Martha Lassetter, Richard Spurlock, Stanton Bundy, Alfred Ely, and Milton Tucker) acted as custodial body and held in trust assets on behalf of the following affiliate organizations:

  • Angel Fire Fire District
  • Angel Fire Volunteer Fire Department
  • Angel Fire Volunteer Ambulance Service
  • Angel Fire Search and Rescue
  • Angel Fire Community Library (now known as the Shuter Library of Angel Fire)
  • Chapel at Angel Fire

Other area organizations that became affiliated organizations with the Community Corporation were Music From Angel Fire, Gourmet Jubilee, and Moreno Valley Arts Council. Many of these organizations have since obtained 501(c)(3) status and now are thriving independent entities.

Since 1999, over $800,000 in charitable gifts have been made to worthy causes in the Angel Fire area. The highly successful Adopt A Fireman and Ice Rescue Sled campaigns raised nearly $30,000 to support the Angel Fire Fire Department. Gourmet Jubilee, a dining extravaganza, raised well over $30,000 in support of the Angel Fire Community Center and Moreno Valley High School. Grants of over $50,000 have been disbursed to the Shuter Library of Angel Fire. Another major community endeavor was retiring the mortgage on the Stromberg Building - the former home of the Library, Clinic, and Dentist and now the Village's current home of the Angel Fire Fire Department.

In recent years, the Angel Fire Community Foundation has funded and co-sponsored, along with the Moreno Valley Health Care Clinic and the Angel Fire Fire Department, the Angel Fire Wellness Fairs.

Recent grants include ALM (Always Loving Mankind Food Pantry), Music From Angel Fire, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Shuter Library, landscaping for the Moreno Valley High School, Casting for Recovery (breast cancer support organization), the Angel Fire Fire Department, and the remodeling of the Eagle Nest Community Center.

The Angel Fire Community Foundation helps donors connect their individual charitable goals with vital community needs while taking advantage of optimal tax benefits. Our main activities express our donors' intentions by financially supporting vital non-profit organizations in the Moreno Valley (from Black Lake to Eagle Nest). Angel Fire Community Foundation will also establish a permanent, unrestricted endowment fund from which only interest earnings may be granted, therefore ensuring charitable giving FOREVER.

For more information on how you can express your charitable goals, please visit Ways to Give and Create a Fund.

Through your generous support we continue to strengthen our community, build for our future, and improve life for all in the Moreno Valley!