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How to Create a Fund

Creating a fund is simple and often can be achieved within one day. The Foundation will assist in choosing the fund that matches your charitable interests. One of the first steps in planning a gift to the Foundation is deciding which type of fund best matches your interests. All funds are open-ended and may be increased at any time. You may also contribute to an existing fund.

Types of Funds

Community Endowment Fund enables AFCF to respond with maximum flexibility to our community’s needs and emergencies, support innovative solutions to community challenges, explore unique charitable opportunities, and enhance the quality of community life. The earnings from these funds, after inflation, are used to meet the most pressing needs of the community as they change over time. You may set up a Named Fund within the Community Endowment Fund. Grants from this fund are made in the name of the Fund.

Donor Advised Funds provide more donor involvement, allowing recommended distributions to fields of interest or specific non-profits, changing as the donor’s interests and community needs change. This fund can provide the anonymity a donor often desires. AFCF communicates with the donor to keep him/her apprised of the community’s issues and the work of the non-profits. This type of fund can be a non-permanent fund today and built into an endowment 

for tomorrow.

Field of Interest Funds enable many donors to contribute large or small amounts to one area of focus. Grants are awarded through AFCF grant-making cycles. Endowing a fund that focuses on one area of passion ensures that grants always go to that focus. If the original charity is no longer in service, AFCF selects another group that works within the mission parameters 

of the original.

Capital Funds are temporary funds set up for specific non-profit projects or buildings.

Scholarship Funds provide academic scholarships to students attending qualified educational institutions. The scholarships may be set up for specific areas of study, and based on need. They can be advised similarly to the Donor Advised Funds.

Administrative Funds are permanent and non-permanent funds dedicated to supporting the AFCF services and operation.

Designated Funds allow donors to establish a fund for one specific non-profit agency to benefit its programs, taking advantage of AFCF’s professional financial management and stewardship. Grants are made quarterly to the designated agency. If the agency dissolves, AFCF selects another group that works within the mission parameters of the original.